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The Nissan brand aspires to provide customers with innovative ideas for the joy of everyday driving. We express our aspiration to make daily life vital and energetic by adding spice or edge, and by delivering innovative ideas to our customers.

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Nissan GT Academy:
Nissan and Sony held the first GT Academy in 2008, and since then the program has been defying both common sense and motorsports tradition. The academy takes people who are good at video games and, in a matter of months, turns them into professional drivers.

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We make legends. From the classic Datsun to the modern GT-R From the shift knobs to the brake pads Every car and every part is born from innovation.

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Tower Events:
Tower Scaffold Services Inc. has a wealth of experience in providing scaffolding for major restoration, industrial, institutional, and special event projects. We are experts in engineering scaffolding solutions for challenging environments where structural integrity or environmental impacts are a concern. Our engineering team is known for their creativity and innovation when it comes to working in difficult situations.

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Additional sponsorship support comes from Driver's Road, Eibach Springs, Stop Tech Brakes, Dallara and Jim Wolf Technologies.





A word about motorsports marketing

Doran Racing has a proven record of designing and implementing
motorsports marketing programs which provide excellent returns for its marketing
partners' investments. Its team owners and drivers not only win, but they are
excellent spokespersons.  The company's race cars not only run at the front of the
pack, but they are immaculate, flashy and automatic attention-getters.

Doran Racing has all the other pieces of the motorsports marketing equation in place and working too, like hospitality for corporate guests at the track; a complete public relations program through an award-winning motorsports PR firm; an excellent Web site company which posts news quicky and can implement contests and other promotional measures efficiently; and an apparel program to capture incremental sales opportunities.

For more information on how to become involved in Doran Racing's
current motorsports marketing programs or to have us design and implement one
specifically for your company's needs, please contact Doran Racing at [email protected]

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