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FTN/Doran Racing's Brix and Borcheller Finish Ninth
In Road & Track 250 Sunday at Laguna Seca

MONTEREY, Calif., May 7 - The Feeds the Need/Doran Racing DORAN JE4 Ford No.
77 ran as high as second in the Road & Track 250 Rolex Series race Sunday at
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and finished a strong ninth for the companies it
represents: the Kodak EasyShare System, Amp'd Mobile and SIRIUS.

Smart race strategy by team owner Kevin Doran, sensible driving by Harrison
Brix of San Jose, Calif. and Terry Borcheller of Vero Beach, Fla., fast pit
work by the Lebanon, Ohio-based pit crew and strong power from Ford were among
the factors that kept the car in the hunt throughout the two-hour-and-45-minute

Borcheller was dealing with a push late in the race so he didn't force the
issue with cars that were faster than his at that stage.  He advanced as high as
second on lap 64, 65 and 66, and he was in fourth place on lap 67 of what
turned out to be an 88-lap race.  He ran in fourth through lap 81. With about
five laps to go he dropped to seventh after an altercation with Adrian Fernandez
that damaged his left-rear Hoosier, and he nursed the car and the tire home
the rest of the way.

Borcheller advanced to sixth on lap 86 when the fifth-place car of Butch
Leitzinger and Kelly Collins' GT car spun and continued in Turn Two.  He dropped
back to seventh on the white-flag lap when Leitzinger, who had regrouped, got
back around him.  On the very last lap several drivers in the pack Borcheller
was running in made a last-ditch attempt to improve their position that
backfired. Fernandez, Marc Goossens and Scott Pruett were prominent players in that
one. Borcheller could have ended up in the gravel trap but happily he was able
to take the checkered in ninth spot despite the scuffle and his injured tire.

Brix started the race in 14th position and got off to a good start, but he
faced several challenges too.  He had two close calls with other drivers on the
track that he survived. He also had to serve a drive-through penalty for
allegedly passing two GT cars under yellow, although his position on that was the
yellow hadn't been displayed yet where he was on the track at the time.  Still,
he had a good stint and ran in 12th through ninth most of the time he was in
the car. He was as high as eighth and he was in 16th when he turned the car
over to Borcheller under yellow on lap 36.

There was a mechanical malfunction with the connection for the driver's cool
suit at that point so Borcheller didn't have the benefit of that device during
his stint, but like everyone else on the team he toughed it out and was
pleased with the top-10 finish.

The race was broadcast live on SPEED.  It will be rebroadcast on the same
network at noon Eastern tomorrow.

The team will race again this coming weekend at Phoenix International Raceway.

Doran Racing's Web site is at doranracing.com.  Other interesting information
can be found at grandamerican.com, fordracing.com, tborcheller.com,
harrisonbrix.com, and feedstheneedracing.com.

Driver quotes follow:

Harrison Brix:  "I'm pleased that we had a car that could keep me in the
hunt.  I had several close calls.  One came when the No. 23 car shoved me off the
track in Turn Six.  I saw him coming or it could have ended our day right
there.  Then one of the Krohn cars spun right in front of me, also in Turn Six.

"We had incredible fuel mileage today; that was our strongest ingredient
today.  I'm pleased that we walked out of here with points.  Terry had an
impending flat tire, so I'm happy that we finished and that we were in the top 10.  If
we can continue this at Phoenix I'll be really happy."

Terry Borcheller:  "We were in fourth, and then we were in ninth.  I don't
know what to say other than that.

"I had a problem with Adrian Fernandez with about five laps to go that caused
damage to one of our tires.  We see the situation differently.  From my point
of view, he wanted to go two abreast through the Corkscrew, but there was
dirt on both sides so there was no possible way that was going to work.  He had
nerfed me in the qualifying race yesterday, and I wasn't going to let that
happen again.  I look a defensive line and he hit our left rear.

"From the point we got hit the car was almost impossible to drive, and from
that point on I was just trying to stay up as high as I could on the track,
which was very difficult.

"On the last turn of the last lap Scott Pruett and I had contact which we
also both see differently.  I was on the inside and there was no physical way he
was going to get around me when I was on the inside there. He tried to move
me, and I believe he got me in the right rear.  There was a GT car in the mix
too, so it's hard to know exactly what happened for sure.  The officials said
they saw both of the incidents and they felt neither was my fault."

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